Friday, May 17, 2013

Hi Strangers :)

Hello! I am here to very sheepishly peep my head in after way too long! Things have been very busy and wonderful. I have finished two semesters of my grad program (which I'm loving) and working at my part-time job helping a librarian (which I'm also loving), and squeezing in art whenever I get a chance! I have been doing regular updates on Facebook, but I thought it was time that I gave my blog some love :) Above is the current piece I am working on, and I am quite happy with how it is coming along.

This is Cecilia whom I just listed today...I am thrilled to say that she has a great home already!

I have also been collecting (maybe it is becoming hoarding?) more art books lately, including this absolutely stunning (and huge!!) Mark Ryden one. These books always inspire me!

I hope that you are all doing wonderful!! :)