Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Few New Things

Hello there! I have a few new things to share that I have created over the last couple of days. I'm sorry that I haven't had anything else to blog about, but I have been holed up painting painting painting! :) Above is a little mermaid I painted for my sister, who loves mermaids.
This one is called "She Dreamed of the Sea."

I've also been wanting to paint a Little Red Riding Hood for a while, so here she is, on her way to grandma's house!

And lastly, a little gal with a couple of bird friends. I cut the text and music notes out of some vintage sheet music I have. It reads, "I've got the birds to talk with."

I hope you are having a lovely week, I will see you soon! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Golden Key

Hello! I am back already with a new painting, "The Golden Key." She was done in acrylics on an 8"x10" stretched canvas and is available in my etsy shop. This is my favorite piece yet! I had so much fun with her. I think her face came out quite sweet :) I feel like I am coming into my style more and more, which is a nice feeling. I'm sorry if my photos aren't the best, we are having another rainy day today!

It is a very nice day. I went to yoga class this morning and have been relaxing and watching the rain. My boyfriend Daniel and I are going out tonight to celebrate our two year anniversary. I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend also, and I will see you soon!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Keeper of the Castle

This is the painting I finished yesterday, "Keeper of the Castle." It was done in acrylics, and I added some polka dots made out of text from an old book I have from around 1912. I also added a touch of pink glitter around the polka dots for fun. This one is on a 9"x12" stretched canvas, a little bigger than the 8x10 canvases I have been using lately. I liked doing one that was a bit bigger, it was fun :) I am working on another painting today that I am having a really great time with, hopefully I can show it to you tomorrow or Sunday.
Happy Friday, I hope you are having a lovely day! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lovely Valentine's Day

Hello! I hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day today. I received this gorgeous vintage Valentine's Day postcard from my love this morning, as well as these perfect pink roses. He really is wonderful :)
This is the card I made for him. I have made it a tradition to make one for him every year.

We went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens earlier in the day, where they are having their Butterfly Magic event. For a few months out of the year they have butterflies from different parts of the world. This month they had butterflies from Asia. They were stunning!

If you look closely at this picture Daniel took of me, you can see a couple little butterfly friends :)

Then we got some lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant and went to a little place called Cup Cakes to get...cupcakes of course! :)

Now its nap time, I'm tired out! :) We are making a yummy spaghetti dinner later. I will be back with new artwork soon, I have not been terribly productive this week due to some bad tooth pain. I hope you are having a fun-filled and delicious day, I will see you soon! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Paintings and Out and About

Hello there! I wanted to show you a couple of new paintings I finished up this weekend. Above is "A Quiet Little Place". I have been in a very Jane Austen-y kind of mood lately and wanted to paint a little lady with an empire waist dress enjoying some tea and cookies. I added some vintage sheet music text, reading "I know a little place, A quiet little place". I often wish I lived in a Jane Austen book, life just seems so pleasant and calm for her characters :)
I also did a little Snow White. Her vintage text reads "She wants a cottage full of cute little things". I thought that was appropriate for her!
I also got out and about quite a bit this weekend. I had a lovely girl's day with my mom on Saturday and we had a lot of fun. She got me many fun treats, including some canvases, a couple new paint colors and the lovely new issue of Artful Blogging magazine. She is the best! :) She has always been very encouraging of my artwork. I also went downtown with Daniel yesterday, as he had the day off. One of our favorite places to get breakfast is at the Cup Cafe in the historic Hotel Congress, as a once in a while treat.

I got a yummy spinach, avocado and cheddar omelette. Mmm, I'm getting hungry again...

They also have a lovely dessert case, including a divine caramel cake, but alas I had to skip it this time.

We also like frequenting a little store called Pop Cycle, which makes lovely handmade artwork and goods from recycled materials. I love the sign, isn't it cute? I always leave feeling inspired.

Well I had better get back to work, I hope that you are having a lovely day and I will see you soon! :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Cupcake of A Day

Hello, happy Wednesday everyone! :) Just wanted to pop in and see what you think about a slightly different style I tried out yesterday. This little painting of a gal and her kitty is called "A Cupcake of A Day". I had SO much fun with it! I already paint silly little kitties and girls with big eyes, but I took it to a bit more of an extreme with this one. I call this my "bobblehead" painting :) So what do you think, should I do more? I think I might have to. I was thinking of doing a princess series: Snow White, Cinderella, etc. Any more suggestions? Well I hope you are having a lovely day! I am going to go back to watching Jane Austen movies and painting, I will see you soon!