Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Work and the Piece of Peace Show

Hello there everyone! I am finally back to show you a few things I have been up to :) I have had some things going on that have kept me occupied (just life stuff) but I am feeling pretty good and am ready to get back into the swing of things! :) Above is a little painting I put in my shop a couple days ago, "The Fortune Teller." Katrina goes from place to place telling fortunes but no one knows from whence she came... She is available in my shop.

Above is "Stella and Lucy," two best friends who always look out for each other :) She has sold already, thank you so much to the lovely buyer!

I also wanted to show you these gorgeous handmade tags made by my mom, which she has put in her shop. She embellished them using beautiful vintage sheet music, ribbons and laces. These ones are blue but she also has yellow, pink and green ones in her shop, very spring-y :)

I also wanted to show you some photos from the Piece of Peace show at Borealis Arts which was on January 29th. It was an art auction to benefit the Tucson Tragedy Victim's Fund, with art pieces donated by local artists. Below is a stencil piece on the gallery wall created by the gallery's owner, Nathan Saxton.

Here are my two little pieces:

They only got a couple bids but I was able to raise $100 which made me happy :) My parents ended up taking the angel home!

There were many other lovely pieces, including this one by artist Carolyn Anne Anderson:

There was also a large canvas on the wall and some paints and brushes for anyone who wanted to add to it. Me, my mom and her friend Tonya created this little image together:

Here is the whole canvas, although more has been added to it by now. It was also part of the auction and was purchased. It was a great show!

I also did a couple of commissions for a lovely friend of mine who wanted pet paintings for two of her friends. This is one of an adorable Corgi named Bear:

And a sweet little manx cat named Clooney:

They were so much fun to do!

I am planning on having a couple of new prints available soon, I will let you know :) Also, a couple of you asked where I got my prints done, and I am happy to share: I got the image captures done at a local print shop called Photographic Works, and (so that I can offer my prints affordably and at a high quality) I got my giclees done at I am very happy with them! And of course, my wonderful boyfriend did the professional archival mats.

Well I am going to rest up for the day, I have a bit of a cold that seems to have come back. I hope that you are all having a fabulous weekend, and have a wonderful Valentine's Day with that special someone (or with your special self! :)


  1. Your new pieces are stunning! I love your girls, but I don't think I've ever seen you draw animals before - they are so cute! I especially love that little cat! It has the cutest expression. <3

  2. Your new art is wonderful!! love that little owl.
    The show looks fab too. How wonderful to part of something like that.

  3. Hi there! LOVE your new pieces - congrats on the sale. And I adore your sweet commissions - that little corgi is too cute. Your mom's tags are so adorable. That's wonderful that she has her own shop . Happy Valentine's Day! Theresa

  4. Glad to have you back! And what a lovely "Fortune Teller". The commission work are fantastic. Your animal work is good. Well Done! :D

  5. So happy to see your new work....not so happy to hear that you've been sick :(

    I love your new Header, too!

  6. Happy V-day! Oh my goodness, I L O V E that corgi painting. Corgis are my favorite kind of dog and it is adorable!!!

  7. Wow, you have definitely had your little fingers quite busy! =) I am enjoying your new works - the pets are SO adorable and your Fortune Teller turned out fantastic, too. So glad to hear you are well. I think of you often.

    Hugs! =)

  8. well you have been a busy girl lately, lol! I'm finally checking in with my fave blogs, it's been a busy few weeks for me too.
    Lovely work you are creating, especially those cute little critters :-)

  9. These are stunning! Stella and Lucy look so sweet and mysterious, I love the way she gazes right at you with such an alluring expression!

  10. Hi dear! My cold is back, too. I can't rest right now to get it to go away soon, but, nothing lasts forever, so I will fill my stolen moments with lovely views of your paintings, friend. Get well. Blessings.