Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Wedding!!

Well hello everyone! I am finally back, and I am a very happily married lady!! I am so excited to share these photos with you. It was truly a perfect, fairy-tale day. I would not have changed a single thing. These photos are by our amazing photographer Melissa Millage, with a few of my sister's and mom's mixed in :)

Above is one of the centerpieces. We made these peonies out of crepe paper (many of the decorations were a combined effort of me, my mom, her best friend Tonya, and oftentimes Daniel :) They were so much fun to make but definitely time-consuming! We found the little baskets in the dollar bin at Target, and spray-painted them antique white. Then we filled the baskets with moss. I love the way they turned out.

My shoes

Getting ready!

A special little tree made by my mom, and the card birdcage.

I painted a little portrait of me and Daniel, which we used on the invitations. We also made the guest book completely by hand, starting with two vintage book covers.

Getting my hair and makeup done by my talented friend Ann.

My beautiful sister and maid-of-honor, Michelle

The handsome groom!

 One of the table settings. We made the favors by hand as well--we adhered vintage book pages, copies of vintage postcards, fabric and lace onto matboard, and topped them each off with a butterfly handpainted on muslin. My mom sewed dryer sheets filled with wildflower seeds into little hearts and those were sewed on as well.

Our mini cake and delicious mini cupcakes, made by my amazing friend Geri. She made three different flavors of cupcakes: vanilla, hot chocolate topped with homemade marshmallows, and red velvet with cream cheese icing.

My mom and I made the cupcake stands ourselves out of thrift store glass candleholders and plates (thank you to Geri for the great idea!)

I painted a little Lauren and Daniel on kokeshi dolls for the cake topper :)

My crepe paper flower bouquet. My mom gave me the amazing antique bouquet holder as an engagement gift.

The flowers were perfectly in bloom that day!

My mom made the beautiful little ring box.

My sister Michelle Startzman very kindly made our gorgeous rings by hand! She is an amazingly talented metalworker.

Michelle and Daniel's best man James, ready to go out!

My beautiful mom walked me down the aisle.

And I married the man of my dreams!

It was truly a perfect day, and we really had a blast. I can't stop smiling every time I look at the photos and relive those beautiful moments.


    God bless you!
    What wonderful photos, wonderful details, art and everything!
    Beautiful bride!!!

  2. oh my goodness Lauren, this made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are just so very beautiful!!!!
    You look so happy and I can see it through all of these gorgeous photos!
    Many many wishes of LOVE and JOY for you and Daniel! LOVE it!

    Also you know you have to start making custom Koshi(sp) dolls for your shop too!!! right? what an amazing gift!
    Huge HUGS!

  3. It's too funny....I was totally thinking the same thing as Heather about the custom Kokeshi cake toppers!! Yours turned out adorably! I'm sure other brides would LOVE them, too!

    As for your day, Sweet Lauren, it looked positively magical! All the handmade touches, you, smiling in your beautiful dress and glittery shoes....the cupcakes....the tangible Love flitting around in the breeze!!
    Big Congrats!!!

    I wish you and Daniel every happiness :D
    Biggest Hugs,

  4. You really had a lovely wedding. All your photos are simply wonderful. And love your personal cake topper and paintings. LOVE that. :)

    Congratulations again! Hugs

  5. what a wonderful feeling of joy!
    Congratulations! - L C T

  6. Dear Lauren, a big congratulations to you and Daniel! What a beautiful wedding--I love all of the wonderful, handmade touches throughout, especially the painting and the cake toppers. You look lovely was well--what a pretty dress! I'm so happy that my earrings were a tiny part of your special day. Thanks again, and thank you for sharing this link with me :) xo

  7. Yay you! Everything looks so pretty and I love your dress! I especially love the little painting of you and your Daniel. When my Daniel and I get married (which should be relatively soon) will you paint one for us? I really want one of us and one of our dog Mal (which I will be commissioning next) and then I can hang them all on the wall together with the one we already have of our kitties. A happy little family!

  8. Oh wow, Lauren! Congratulations!!! You seemed so happy and the wedding looked like a dream! Here's to a happy, wonderful marriage to you and your lovee! :) OXOX

  9. Awww! What a beautiful day! And you look just gorgeous! I LOVE your dress, and especially the pretty tea length of it! Beautiful! And all those personal and artsy touches were just perfect and beautiful (I keep saying beautiful....) looks like a perfect day. Wishing you many many years of happiness!~

  10. Dearest sweet Lauren, Congratulations!!! You are so beautiful and i love all the little details of your beautiful wedding! Just gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Here's to wishing you and your love one a happy merry wonderful marriage!! Happy sunday and love to you!


  11. Congratulation!!!! You're so beautiful and happy. Wishing you and your hubby the best of best! :)

  12. Congratulations! You are a beautiful Bride!Everything is so lovely, I love very detail! Fabulous Wedding!God Bless you both!

  13. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you both, you look radiant in those photos. Thank you for sharing it with your blogging friends, it looks like a perfect event (and those yummy treats are making me hungry now, lol!).
    I wish you both many blessings :-)

  14. Ohhh what a beautiful beautiful day! Congrats to the sweet couple!! Thanks so much for sharing your special day! All of the details are just perfect!! :)

    And thanks so much for popping by my blog and for your lovely words! :)
    xo Jenny Holiday

  15. Oh my gosh! Gorgeous, EVERYTHING! Congratulations!

  16. Everything is absolutely perfect! Congrats to you and your Mr. :) You were such a gorgeous bride - and this has to be one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen. Every element was lovely - I adore all your special handmade treats. Thank you for sharing your special day! :)

  17. a beautiful wedding, I wish you happiness and long life together

  18. you are gorgeous!!!!!congratulations!!!