Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Rose Gatherer

Hello everyone! I have another angel to share with you, "The Rose Gatherer." She is painted with acrylics on a 9"x12" canvas and is available here. I was trying to achieve a bit of a softer, looser look with this one--hopefully I succeeded! I hope you like her :)

I painted the edges and halo metallic gold. I thought this would be a nice Christmas-y painting without blatantly containing too many Christmas colors, so that it could also be hung up year-round.

Also as promised I have some pictures from the All-Souls Procession we attended last Sunday night. My sister Michelle took most of these photos--there was way too much movement for me! This is a yearly tradition in Tucson inspired by Mexico's Dia de los Muertos. It is a way to celebrate and remember lost loved ones. Many people dress up for it, and you can jump right in with the procession. Loved this costume:

Our friend Alisha in her fabulous costume (me and Daniel did not dress up this year):

Loved this too, this girl had on a large white gown and was carrying a birdcage:

Acrobatic performers on a jellfish-looking contraption were hoisted up from a huge crane into the air:

The performer at the bottom twisted and twirled--I wish you could see how high up they were!!

This urn is filled with mementos and offerings to lost loved ones:

It was hoisted up onto a tower and set alight:

It was an amazing experience, I can't wait to go again next year!

I hope you are all having a great week--it is finally becoming chilly here, which I am thrilled about! Last night we could finally turn our air conditioner off for the night. We seemingly have only a couple fleeting months of cool weather here in Tucson so I plan on enjoying it :) See you soon!


  1. I adore your new girl. Her face is lovely, and I love her pale hair and skin - she truly looks angelic! <3

  2. Your new angel is just perfect! You did achieve an ethereal softness to her. And thank you so much for posting those amazing photos! Looks like much fun was had! Theresa

  3. Love your angel, I too think the colours are beautiful, and I really liked the photos of the All-Souls Procession.

  4. Your angel is so beautiful! Amazing photos too! ☺

  5. I love this new painting...and these beautiful pictures too! : )

  6. I really like the rose angel, the balance of the composition feels really nice. Keep up the good work, really like your style :)

  7. Love the softness of her, especially when the butterflies gathered around the roses :)

    The other day one of my mexican friend told me about the Day of Death and I can't imagine how it would look like until you have posted these photos :D

  8. How are you, Lauren deary? Oh, I LOVE this angel! There's a sweet Renaissance quality to her... I do believe you're still transcending into major transformations in your art...just wonderful! oxx

  9. such a lovely angel and your photos are wonderful to see!

  10. Very beautiful!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog ❤
    Boho Market

  11. beautiful. i love roses, that's my daughter's middle name...summer rose...
    i hope you are well, big hugs!

  12. ~these here angels you are creating are such gorgeous...sigh...and what a show you saw...those acrobats look amazing...and the cauldron...what a truly beautiful idea behind such...thank you so for sharing this celebration with us...warm wishes and brightest blessings~