Thursday, December 16, 2010

Three new ACEOs

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that there are three new little ACEOs in my shop. I haven't done these in a little while, so it was a lot of fun! I will hopefully get a few more done soon.

I hope everyone is having a good week and that, for those who celebrate, your Christmas preparations are coming along smoothly! I have most of my shopping and such done, and now I need to go into super cookie-baking mode! :) It all sneaks up so fast!

I'll see you soon :)


  1. Hi Lauren,
    These are so pretty. I love the last one, the little mermaid. the facial features are really well done on all of these ladies, too! i hope you enjoy making cookies, and that you have a wonderful holiday, too! xxoo

  2. Oh these are all so darling! I think the mermaid one is my favourite. I love the intricate little details in these paintings and the whimsical soft colours.
    Super cookie-baking mode sounds like a lot of fun too, haha.

  3. These are gorgeous!!! Really love their soft delicate features!!! How do you manage to do that on a small scale??!!! :0) Happy Holidays to you too! :0) xoxox

  4. Wowza did those sell fast! I adore the mermaid... she is simply stunning! I hope you will create more beautiful ACEOs. :)

    Good luck with your baking and holiday planning! (I'm actually just headed into the kitchen to start cookies myself.)

  5. Wow, original ACEOs always blow my mind away!! To think that you painted those in such a teeny weeny space! Right, you've definitely inspired me... one of these days I will have to try making one myself. Although knowing me, I'd probably loose it in the first 15 minutes! Heheh. (^_^)

    Superb as always, Lauren!

  6. All these pieces are just amazing, Lauren! Your work is so stunning. I've been in cookie mode, too. M&M cookies and oatmeal raisin - so far. Have fun baking! Theresa

  7. Stunning and fantastic!! I love the mermaid.