Friday, March 4, 2011

Button and Mischief!

Hello everyone! I have had a very fun week working on this special commission from my dear friend Cameron over at Paint Myself Pretty! We did a special trade where we each did a custom painting for each other, and she painted me a gorgeous pink house which you can check out here. She even included my future married name on the little white fence, so cute! :)

She asked me to paint her two ridiculously adorable kitties, Button and Mischief. I wanted the painting to look cute and cheerful just like the two of them, and I hope I did them justice! She told me that Mischief loves to find cozy spots around the house so I gave her a little pink bed to cuddle up in :) And its not clear in the picture, but Button has one green eye and one blue, so I incorporated that too. I'm sorry that the pictures are a bit washed out (still trying to find that perfect time of day to photograph), but hopefully the painting will look even better in person, he he :)

Thank you SO much for this fabulous trade Cameron, I had a blast! I just can't wait to get my beautiful painting, and I hope you and your family enjoy this little rendition of your cats! Make sure to check out Cameron's online shops here and here and here to find her original artwork and prints. She is an amazing painter and is also extremely multi-talented at making all sorts of adorable things!

I also have one more tidbit: I have listed two ACEO prints in my shop, of "Through the Clouds" and "Marie Antoinette." They are tiny giclee prints on lovely fine art paper and I just love how they came out! I will have a couple more print images soon as well :)

I hope you are all having a lovely Friday, and I'll see you soon :)


  1. Hi Lauren, I feel like it's been ages since I've popped by so sorry it's been so long! Love your commissioned piece sooooooo sweet I'm sure that she'll love it! Those cats are adorable and so full of character. Those ACEO's are gorgeous too, Marie is beautiful!!!!! So nice to see your beautiful work again I promise I won't leave it so long next time!!! oxoxo

  2. What darling little cats! I love how snug and happy they look together...

    I hope you're still on cloud nine! :) oxx

  3. Lauren, Lauren, Lauren.......sooooo absolutely precious!!!! I love it! WE love it!! The poses are perfectly them...the polka dots and setting are all so wonderful!!

    I told you the first thing out of my daughter's mouth would be if she could hang it up in her room..haha..if you could've seen her happy little face at the sight of this gorgeous painting, it would have made your heart it did mine! Thank you so very much for that....we'll treasure this always!!!

    Thank you, again....I'm tickled pink ;P

  4. Hello dear one! These are precious! Have a great day! Blessings.

  5. They're so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Aww! They're so adorable! I love how you paint cats, they always look just so sweet. I just love the flowery curtains and polkadots too :) It adds that extra little bit of beauty, colour and detail!

  7. What an awesome win-win trade! Both pieces are SO beautiful! Those kitties are so sweet. :) I love your ACEOs - those images are two of my favorites. :) Theresa

  8. Oh they are so cute! Do you do commissions through your shop? I would love to have such a cute portrait of my two kitties!

  9. Love the kitty painting! How wonderful that you are painting something for Cameron, and vice versa...she is a sweetheart, and a super talented woman as well! Can't wait to see what she makes for you.
    yeah, I really want those kitties of hers, lol!

  10. Your Kittens are so, so cute :) Love them !!!!

  11. I almost died when I saw these cats. This is the cutest painting ever (and you've done a lot of other cute paintings!) Aside from the to-die-for cats, the colors and patterns are charming!