Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Enchanted Garden

Hi everyone! Happy Spring! I have not been the best blogger lately so I have a few new things to share with you :) Here is a new painting "The Enchanted Garden," on a 5"x7" canvas. This one has gone off to Borealis Arts (Daniel's brother's gallery here in Tucson), but I am going to be doing prints of it soon for my shop.

This one was influenced by this beautiful butterfly at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. For a few months a year they have Butterfly Magic, which is a special enclosed area where there are tons of gorgeous butterflies flying all around you. They come from many different places including Africa and South America. I kow I have talked about going there before, and I have been able to go several times this year! Last time I went with my mom this little friend seemed to be following me around:

Below is a painting I did for the "Bikes at Borealis" show at Borelais Arts, which is actually going on today. It is called "The Star Peddler" (get the double meaning? he he :) As you can see I have really enjoyed painting stars and night skies recently.

I also recently got this wonderful commission from Alia over at Buccaneers and Ballgowns, to paint her adorable kitties LC and Cuppa Tea (love that name!). I depicted them all snuggled up on their favorite chair. Thank you so much Alia, I had a blast painting these cute little cats! :)

And last but not least, I now have postcards of "Through the Clouds" available in my shop, as some of you may have seen already. I am SO excited to finally be able to offer these! I just love the way they came out and I will definitely be getting a bigger selection in my shop soon. Feel free to give me any suggestions of which of my paintings you would like to see on postcards!

Phew, well I think that's it for today! Just a week until we move to our new apartment so you may not hear from me for a little bit, but I won't be gone too long :) I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. You have been busy and they are all beautiful. Love the kittens and the Through the clouds postcard is awesome.

  2. Yay, thank YOU Lauren! I sent out your package today, so let me know if it doesn't come in a reasonable amount of time. Good luck with your move! It is so exciting moving somewhere new I think (but then again I am the kind of person that watches House Hunters and looks at advertisements for houses that I can't actually afford for fun!)

  3. Wonderful paintings, Lauren! They are each so different...and yet, so wonderfully you! I think every artist strives to have a "recognizeable" definately have that! It is such a joy to see what you paint next!!

  4. wow! those are all so beautiful! they are like beautiful dreams!

  5. Oh you have been busy! I love how you do animals.
    I love the girl on the bike, too! xo

  6. All your painting are beautiful. Great work! Good luck with the move. ;)

  7. I am loving your new paintings! That butterfly girl is so beautiful, and I love the magical bicycle painting. :) Your commission piece for Alia is soooo cute - you did a really fabulous job. Theresa

  8. Oh my god! I fall in love with your art