Friday, July 9, 2010

Ocean Friends

Here is a painting I finished this morning, "Ocean Friends." This one is 8"x8" on a stretched canvas and is available here. I added some metallic gold paint for the edges and the stars in her hair, to give it a little extra something :) I've been enjoying working with softer colors. I guess those light blues make me feel cooler in the summer :) I have also found myself drawn to the color combination of blue, pink and yellow.

I also wanted to show you a piece of my sister Michelle's work. This necklace features an enamel pendant with a sterling silver chain. She is a metalsmith and made the whole thing by hand, including the chain! You can see other amazing pieces in her etsy shop here, and her blog here. She only has a few items in her shop right now but will be adding more soon when she can get her studio set up. She is moving up to Phoenix to go to graduate school and study metals. I'm really sad that she is moving, but I'm proud of her for pursuing her dream! :)

I hope you are all having a fabulous Friday, and I'll see you soon! :)


  1. Thanks! There were so many fun kits to make wearable art, I can really see your paintings as a pendant!

  2. She is as sweet as she can be! So delicate too. I love the pink, blue and yellow combo with the stripes. Really pops!

  3. Thanks for including me Lauren! I love the mermaid!

  4. wow!!! she is so beautiful! a real fairy-mermaid!

  5. As far as I'm could paint fairies and mermaids forever! They make me smile...heehee :)
    Your sister's necklace is beautiful, too! So nice to know what you want to do with your life at an early age and have the time to persue it! Best of luck to her :D

  6. Hi Lauren :) Wonderful colors! The mermaid looks so delicate and she's shining with the softest of lights...

    I can see art runs in your family's blood.. :))