Thursday, June 10, 2010

More ACEOs! (Scrapbook Paper Dress Girls)

Hello! I have been busy making more ACEOs, as you can see :) This time I thought I would make some little gals with scrapook paper dresses. Above is "Maria Is the Life of the Party,"
below is "Joan's New Summer Dress,"

and finally, "Claire's Summer Stroll"! These were a lot of fun. They are available in my shop!

Also, I have been given an award from the lovely Amalia K over at Translucent Blue. Thank you Amalia! If you have not checked out her blog, you certainly should! Her artwork is incredible: detailed, elegant and imaginative.

I am going to pass this award on to these fabulous blogs:

I believe I am supposed to share 5 addictions, so here they are!
1. My boyfriend Daniel, because he is the sweetest, most supportive man in the world.
2. My kitties Rosie and Violet, because they are so sweet and silly and make my life brighter!
3. Making art (duh!:)
4. Yoga, because it makes me feel calm and balanced
5. Potatoes, because they are delicious cooked any way and I could eat them every single day! :)

On a final note, I wanted to mention that there is an etsy shop, Lizziestardust, whose entire June proceeds are going to benefit Casa de los Gatos, Arizona's largest no-kill cat sanctuary. The shop sells cute, colorful bracelets for $20 each. I can vouch for Casa personally because I worked there for a year and a half doing cat care directly for the founder and president of Casa, Beth Montes. They care for over 400 cats, kittens, and even a few doggies, with volunteers and a small staff who work long hours for very little, if any, pay. Everyone there genuinely loves and takes good care of all of the animals. They also care for cats with feline leukemia and fiv, and Beth even personally rescued many cats from Hurricane Katrina, several of whom are now at the shelter (after searching for their owners, of course). Anyway, it is definitely a worthy cause if you are looking for a fun summer bracelet! Money is very tight around here, but I am going to save up to get a bracelet by the end of June.

Rosie would thank you kindly! (She is my sweet little Casa kitty, who would probably not be alive if it weren't for their hard work). I hope you are having a fabulous day, and I'll see you soon! :)


  1. what a beautiful surprise! thank you so much!!!

  2. on sunday i'll pass it to 5 fabouloys blogs!!!

  3. ~oh my goodness!! maria is absolutely gorgeous...i l♥♥♥ve everything about her and her dress...could you make a life size one for me...please! congrats on your award and thank you so for thinking of me...i am honored! wonderful to learn more about l♥ve and be l♥ve...nothing better to be addicted to! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. Thanks so much dear for the award!!!!I am so appreciative. I usually don't pass it on if you don't mind, what I do is thank-you on my post and give it to the Universe as a thanks for getting to know so many new wonderful people!!!!! I am soo glad to get to know your wonderful world!!! You are so talented. Blessings friend and so many thanks.

  5. Thank you for the award, I really appreciate it. Your girls with scrap paper dresses are adorable. Since you are making ACEO;s you might want to check out the thread in Forums entitled "7 Card Draw" it is a fun challenge for ACEO's and you can win up to 7 ACEO's if you are an active participant. Just search "7 Card Draw" in forums.

  6. Forgot to say, I will post the award on my blog tomorrow.

  7. each piece is so wonderful! Congratulations on this award.

  8. Soooo gorgeous!!! I'm loving these, the dresses work so well! You have inspired me I think I'll have a go at some ACEO's today!! :0)

  9. Oooo... I see a lovely smiling face with the butterflies over there... It's nice to 'see' you, Lauren! And may I say, that these ladies are all so gorgeous, definitely the life of the party! (^-^)

  10. I see you've caught the ACEO bug, well, welcome to the madness, lol! Your girls are simply darling!!

    Congrats on the award! and thank you for passing it on to me, you are too sweet!
    I love learning things about people, and when I do a blog post, probably tomorrow, I will write down my addictions too :-)

  11. hi! please join the artist blog hop on my blog and show your wonderful art to others!!!!