Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Off On An Adventure

Here is my new painting, "Off On An Adventure." She is going to see where the winds will take her...

She is available in my shop. You might remember her from a Sunday Sketch I did a few weeks back. My camera is not very good at closeups, so the picture above is bit washed out, sorry :/

One little fun fact about this painting is that I based the dress loosely off of a dress that Lucy wears sometimes in I Love Lucy. It is my favorite show, and is usually what I'm watching while I'm painting! She has this fun dress with a huge bow and little opening in the middle that I thought would be so fun for a painting :) Below is my Sunday sketch which I based the painting on.

I have also been busy preparing for a certain Mad Tea Party hosted by the fabulous Vanessa Valencia, which I am very excited about!!! My mom, her friend Tonya, and my sister came over this last Saturday and we had a blast getting it all set up and photographed. I can't wait to show you the pictures!! So if you remember please pop on over this Saturday and check it out :)
I hope you are having a wonderful day, and I'll see you soon! :)


  1. Super cute Lauren! I love how the boat turned.


  2. How fun, Makes you think about the wonders that she will discover in her travels.