Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Arte de los Muertos!

Hello everyone! I am finally back-thank you so much for all of the happy birthday wishes! :) I have been busy working on my paintings for the Arte de los Muertos show at Borealis Arts--the opening is this Friday! I am thrilled to say that my first painting for the show which I shared last week has sold already out of the gallery, and went home with the buyer.

I have done these two, and my goal is to get two more done before Friday-we'll see if I can do it :) It is just such a wonderful opportunity, so I want to have as much work there as possible. The one above is an 8"x10" and is going to be called "My Ancestor." I decided to basically paint a 5x7 image with a large decorative border around it.

I have not come up with a title for this one yet--again, suggestions are welcome! She is a 5"x7". I must admit that I will be relieved when I have all of the paintings done for this show-I have been a little nervous painting them since I have never had paintings in a gallery before. Next week I will begin on some new paintings for my shop.

I also did a trade last week with the wonderful Susy from The Enchanted Pumpkin. We have done several swaps now and it is always such a pleasure! I was greeted with the most adorable package:

Here are all of my treats!

Susy threw in this adorable owl she made as an extra! That was so kind of her :)

Here is my adorable little bunny, also handmade by Susy. I am a sucker for miniatures!

And isn't this the happiest little towel? :)

In addition I got two beautiful pieces of old lace. Thank you so much Susy!

I have also been busy preparing for my Halloween blog party coming up this Saturday the 16th--be sure to pop on by! I will also be doing a giveaway.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! :)


  1. so happy you liked everything! i love my bandit! thanks again! and i do love the muertos paintings! buena suerte! good luck with the show!

  2. FABULOUS paintings! I really love that second one! Perhaps...She called them Friends...

  3. Lauren, these are spectacular. I am just so happy for you that some of your work has already sold from the gallery. What a lucky person to have gotten it! Best of luck with it. I know you will be a hit.

    My Ancestor is great, and I just LOVE the untitled piece...hmm, thinking of a name...

  4. Wow, Lauren...your work has so much depth...the backgrounds, the stories, the eyes....even the shading just under the bottom lip that creates those pouty little chins....loving it all!

    What about "Skulls of Sugar" as a name? Naming is the fun part, huh! It means it's done...yay!!

    Congrats on the sale...fingers crossed for many more :)
    (yes, I'd love to do a trade with you!)


  5. Congratulations on your sale! That's awesome news. I'm loving your Day of the Dead girls. I haven't a name for your new one, but she really is beautiful. :) Your swap goodies are adorable - I'm loving that owl! Theresa

  6. Oh congratulations on selling your art and having your work in a gallery!
    I adore all the details in her hair in these two images, it looks so soft and natural. The dresses are gorgeous too!

  7. Lauren, I just came from Amalia's new website and was delighted that she had you FEATURED!!! Yay for you!!! I was delighted to see your beautiful work pop up on the screen. Wahoooo!

  8. How wonderful to have sold your art from a gallery showing, best of luck to you for the remainder of the show. I love your girls. I have a horrible time coming up with titles for my work, my mind just doesn't work that well in that arena.

  9. ~congrats on your sale and best wishes tomorrow on your show!! i know you will do wonderful with the beautiful art you have been creating...i can't wait to hear all about it...when you have a moment there is a surprise for you...please do stop over for a moment...much l♥ve and light to you~