Thursday, October 14, 2010

One more little skeleton lady, and thank you's :)

Hello everyone! Here is yet another painting I have done for the Arte de los Muertos show at Borealis Arts. I thought I would do a full skeleton girl this time. As you know I'm not into the really dark stuff so I made her into another sweet little Victorian-ish lady, with the butterflies there as a little happy sign of life :) I don't have a title for this one yet either (I know, I'm really bad at this).

I am finishing up one last little painting for the show today (cutting it close--the opening is tomorrow!) I am very excited--I will take pictures and let you know all about it after my Halloween blog party :) Speaking of which, make sure to stop by on Saturday for the spooky fun--I will also be doing a giveaway.

I have a couple of huge thank-you's to make too: My first one is to the amazing Amalia for featuring my work on her gorgeous new blog!! I really cannot thank you enough Amalia, I am so honored! :) Also be sure to check out her work on her other blog Translucent Blue if you are not familiar with her incredible artwork already.

I also want to thank Alia of Buccaneers and Ballgowns--I was lucky enough to win her awesome giveaway! I won four beautiful owl cards, the illustrations on which were done by her very talented mom. I also got two more awesome surprise cards (including a Vanessa Valencia one-yay! :), as well as two of her lovely resin pieces, some pretty pink beads, an adorable hair clip and some cute stars for crafting! Thank you Alia for such a generous giveaway! :)

I also wanted to show you little miss adorable Jasmine sitting in my shoe this morning :) This is very unusual as she hardly ever moves from her chair in the living room. She is doing just wonderful and is getting along with the other two kitties for the most part--she pretty much keeps to herself. She is going to the vet next week to get her thyroid checked yet again. She is a cutie :)

I hope you are all having a great Thursday, and hopefully I will see you Saturday for some Halloween fun! :)


  1. Your victorian skelly girl is adorable. I am not into dark art either but yours is fun. I am glad Jasmine is doing so well and yes she is cute.

  2. Your kitty is so cute! And I seriously love your skeleton girl paintings. I am glad you liked everything! I was going to tell you, the box with the pink polka dots is a vintage Storybook Doll box. If you haven't heard of Storybook Dolls you should look them up, they have all sorts of fairytale characters. I actually have a couple that I got from my grandma.

  3. Best wishes on the opening tomorrow!!! How exciting! ....and it looks like your mailbox has been having little parties in there with all that fun stuff!

    I love titling work....(though that doesn't mean I'm good at it..haha)let me see....what about means butterfly in Spanish.

    I hope to be back on Saturday! Have a great weekend :)

  4. I am loving all your new paintings, they seem to have sparked off some excellent imagination within you.
    I hope you do wonderfully well at your opening!!


    Micki x

  5. i have to say that is a cute skeleton! love those owl cards and your sweet kitty too!

  6. This is a fabulous painting!!! What fun goodies, too!

  7. Ok, this is definitely my favorite. Love the addition of the butterfly...her little pets!
    Hope the show goes well! I will be out of town on saturday, so i will miss your give away. good luck, though...xxoo

  8. Best of luck today!!!! I'm sure your beautiful paintings are going to be very well received. This girl is also a stunner - and I adore the butterflies in her hair. Congrats on the goodies from Alia - what a bounty!!! :) Miss Jasmine looks so pretty, and I'm thrilled she is doing so well. :) SO looking forward to your Halloween Party post tomorrow - hope you'll swing by mine, as well (I'm also hosting a little giveaway). Theresa

  9. Q: How to make a skeleton cute? A: See Fair Rosamund. Lovely! Hope it goes well.

  10. Love your paintings..Very awesome artist you are. Thank you for visiting my blog. Beautiful blog and Halloween post.


  11. Love Love Love the decor! Thanks for the invite!

    Visit me at:


  12. Another fantastic spooky skeleton girl! I really like the way your art is changing course, Lauren... all the best to you! oxx