Monday, August 9, 2010

The Bee Charmer

Here is my new painting, "The Bee Charmer." She speaks the language of the bees...perhaps she was once a bee herself? She is 8"x10" on stretched canvas and is available here in my shop. She gave me a bit of a hard time at first, I had to spend a couple days on this one. But I like how she came out :) I decided to try bubble wrap texture on the background for the first time, I thought it would give a great honeycomb effect! I really like it, I will definitely try that agian. My biggest struggle with my paintings is trying to make my backgrounds more interesting, so I'm looking for new techniques. Any advice or suggestions are welcome! :)

I also have a new print in my shop, "The Little Yellow Castle." I like how the soft colors printed up on this one. I include a white mat with all of my prints too. It is available here.

Well I have to decide what to work on today! I hope you are having a nice Monday :)


  1. I like the bubble wrap effect alot!!
    It's ages since I used any in my backgrounds, I forgot how good it looks ;)
    I use a bit of everything in my backgrounds, papers,tissue,crackle,fiber paste,molding paste, you name it and i'll stick it in there lol I have to say that 'distress' crackle paint and 'one step' crackle are my favourites for backgrounds though :)

    Micki x

  2. Soft and serene. I like the bubble wrap techique idea...very cool.

  3. Well, she charmed me, too! The background looks great....I've been dying to try that effect also.

    So pretty, my Friend!

  4. She is too adorable! You did a great job, and I love the bubble wrap effect. :) Hope you've gotten some good rest after all that amazing painting! Theresa

  5. Great idea for the background effect, it worked so well and does indeed look just like honeycombs!

  6. The bee charmer has such a serene look on her face, no wonder the bees are charmed, so am I. I recommend you get hold of Kelly rae Robert's book about mixed media, the title of the book is "Taking Flight". You can try using a brayer to run paint on bubblewrap and then run i again on canvas. I love the randomness that comes from it!