Thursday, August 12, 2010

Marie and Clementine, plus a kitty story

I have a couple of new little handpainted papier mache boxes available in my shop, Clementine (above) and Marie! I love painting these little boxes!

I also have 6 new prints available, including "Growing."

I spent most of yesterday helping out a little kitty in our neighborhood. My sister and my friend Alisha and I would often see this cat on our walk to the local yoga studio. She is hard to miss because she has a funny croaky little meow and is super-friendly, and would always walk along the wall outside of the house she was fed at and want pets. She was of a pretty hefty build. I think she has been around there for at least a couple years.

Well I hadn't seen her in a week or two, and on Tuesday night I saw this tiny little kitty walking towards me on the sidewalk. When she got closer and meowed, I realized that it was the same kitty, only she had lost a good 5 pounds and looked awful. That evening my boyfriend and I brought her a can of wet food and she wolfed it down like she hadn't eaten for days! It seems like the people who had been feeding her were renting, then they moved and she had no source of food. I worried about her all evening and asked for advice from a couple of friends, Alisha and Rachel, whom I had worked with at a local no-kill cat shelter.

The next day (yesterday) we decided to try to get her and bring her onto our porch so she could at least have some food, water and shelter. We went out there throughout the day and couldn't find her, until we finally glimpsed her at about 5:30 in the evening. She is very sweet and even lets you pick her up, so we put her in a carrier and brought her home. She had to stay on the porch overnight as we have two indoor cats and we can't risk them getting any diseases. But we have a very large and well-covered porch, so she was happy out there and ate a whole plateful of dry food plus a can of wet food (my friend Alisha very kindly brought over a whole bag of wet food for her).

My wonderful friend Rachel is a very talented vet tech whom I worked with at the cat shelter and she generously let me drop off the kitty this morning at her vet clinic to be tested for fiv and felv, checked for a microchip, etc. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the tests are negative!! If they are, either Rachel will foster her through the cat shelter or we may take her in ourselves.

I am hoping against hope that she does not test positive on anything, but if she does we will figure something out. We are not going to throw her back out there to starve to death.

Anyway, sorry for the incredibly long story! Here are some pictures of this very sweet and disheveled kitty. Sorry they are not very good pics, they are the only ones I took that weren't just a blur! :)

She was quite literally double this size a couple weeks ago. Hopefully we can get her fattened back up soon! :)

Anyway, I will keep you updated on the test results and what happens. Please send out some positive thoughts for her! :)


  1. What a sweet kitty. She is so thin. Thanks so much for helping her. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the tests are negative, too. What a wonderful addition to your family she would make!
    Our new boxes are so adorable. I love the adorable faces of your girls. :)

  2. oh, you're boxes are darling! what a sweet cat. I've worked in shelters and animal hospitals, and have a pound puppy myself, and those animals are truly the greatest. hope her health is good!

  3. Aww, aren't you an angel, Lauren? That sweet little kitty is lucky to have you found her. I do hope she gets a good home soon... if she ended up with you, I'm sure she'd make a lovely model for your painting! (hugs for you and the kitty) oxx

    PS: Gorgeous boxes! Love them! :)

  4. The boxes are adorable!
    Awh that poor kitty, I hope things will work out well for the dear little cat.

  5. I love your new boxes, they are just too darn cute. I will send healing thoughts to that poor kitty that she will be okay and gain some weight and be happy.

  6. I remember that kitteh! We used to see her on our way to yoga! I'm so glad you adopted her. :)