Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Sketch...and Potatoes!

Here is my little Sunday Sketch for today. She is Queen of the pumpkins! :) Go visit Sophia's blog Blue Chair Diary to look at all of the lovely sketches, or to participate yourself! I kept it pretty simple today, I have to admit that I am feeling pretty lazy today (must be all of the fried potatoes I ate this morning :)

Speaking of which, I have a recipe for delicious fried potatoes I would like to share with you! If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I am obsessed with potatoes!! I could eat them anytime, anywhere and cooked any way :) I found this great, simple recipe in a book called "Basic Cooking" by Sabine Salzer and Sebastian Dickhaut.

Here is the recipe, along with my little modifications:
You will need:
-2 pounds potatoes (I use 3 pounds pretty often to use up the bag of potatoes I buy-the recipe works fine with that amount, and you have leftovers! :) Russet potatoes work great, but lately I have been using Gold potatoes which I get at Trader Joe's. I find that they hold up a little better to frying and have a great subtle nutty flavor. Plus I don't have to peel them because the skins are thinner.

-6 tablespoons olive oil

-2 tablespoons butter

-salt, freshly ground pepper

1. Wash, peel and dice the potatoes. Heat the oil in a skillet pan with a lid. Add the potatoes, fry for a couple minutes over high heat, and turn.

2. Cover and fry over medium heat for 10-15 minutes, until golden-brown (turn occasionally). Remove the lid, add the butter and fry for another 5-10 minutes, turning occasionally. (Sometimes I do this for a little longer, we like them nice and brown and crispy). Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Serves about 4 as a side dish.

I should mention that I have a gas stove, so of course cooking times will vary depending on what kind you have. These are pretty foolproof though, just keep an eye on them! :)

They are delicious with eggs and bacon! (Soy bacon in my case, I'm a vegetarian :) This morning we added feta and fresh basil to the eggs, yum!
I hope that you are having a nice relaxing Sunday! :)


  1. Oh, she is so pretty!!! I love the curling vines and leaves in her lovely hair! She is going to be divine when she is finished. :) Now, let me tell you - these potatoes look AMAZING. I am a potato freak! I never thought to add feta to eggs (well, in my case to egg beaters) - I'm going to have to try that.
    Thank you, by the way, for the lovely comments on my art...I very truly appreciate it!!!!
    Happy Sunday! Theresa

  2. She is so cute and ready for Fall! I love the vines around her head.

    Oh boy do these potatoes look yummy! I am off to find something to eat after seeing these!

    Smiles and have a super lazy sunday!

  3. MMmm...those potatoes look YUMMY!! :) And hey...looks like we were both thinking of pumpkins this week! hee Adore her. Looking forward to seeing this one in colour!!

    Happy SS!

  4. I really like all the wide eyes in your work & those potatoes look simply divine!

  5. She looks a touch perplexed that her pumpkin hasn't turned into a carriage yet. Patience dear Cinderella, patience!
    What a cutie! Lovely sketch :)

  6. Yummy, fried potatoes on a Sunday....Heaven. I can't wait to see Queen of the Pumpkins colored. happy sunday, to you.

  7. She's so sweet looking! I hope you'll show us the final version. Your recipe sounds delish!

  8. Love your pumpkin queen - look forward to seeing her in colour! A little root vegetable theme going on - have you ever tried growing potatoes? i used to pick them in Greece a hundred years ago but pulling the small ones from the garden and cooking them is divine! They grow great in big pots - just plant a few small potatoes (non gmo) and voila! We eat them similar but with lemon too and maybe salt then bake - feta and basil yum! Growing basil is very rewarding too we have pots of it:-) love basil in salads and sandwiches and on bocacini - ok love my food :-)

  9. queen of the pumpkins, she is so delightful~
    you make me realize that fall is coming, so I will bath in summer all the more.
    and yum to your recipe, thank you for sharing this.