Monday, August 16, 2010

The Star Collector (and a swap)

I have a new little mixed-media painting in my shop, "The Star Collector." She chooses only the brightest and most special stars for her collection! :) I used some of my "Once Upon A Time" scrapbook paper to make up her dress. I wanted it to look like the night sky.

I also did another swap with the wonderful Susy over at The Enchanted Pumpkin! Do check out her shop, she has lots of lovely things! And if you have a Blythe doll she makes the most adorable hats for them! I had to take a picture of my little bundle of treasures before I opened it, look how cute she wrapped it up:

Here are all my goodies! I got 3 adorable vintage potholders, a beautiful blue necklace, and a gorgeous vintage beaded purse. Then Susy threw in tons of wonderful extras, including a lovely table runner, a vintage postcard, a German doll, and one of her own hand-drawn ACEOs!

Isn't her ACEO so cute? She did it with colored pencil. She has a lot of talent! Thank you so much Susy for another great trade!! :)

Jasmine is doing well, she came out to explore a bit this morning before going back into her closet spot :) She is resting a lot but she is alert and is very good about eating, drinking and taking her medicine :) I hope everyone is having a good Monday!


  1. I love your new girl! Her dress is adorable. sometimes I use papers for dresses, too - or wings. :) I love the cute things you got in your swap. I adore those Russian nesting dolls - the ACEO she created is so sweet.
    Glad to hear Jasmine is doing well.

  2. She's gorgeous and incredibly enchanting! I'd just love to collect stars like her. What I like most about this painting are the colours, it certainly does remind me of the midnight sky.
    The things you got in your swap are adorable too!

  3. What a lucky girl... so many lovely goodies!
    Your painting is beautiful, love the dress and the background :-)

  4. She is adorable in her pretty blue dress. Lucky you what a fabulous swap you made.

  5. Love to receive goodies in the much fun!

    Your new piece is great, too! Keep at it...I wish I could complete things as quick as're fantastically prolific :-D

  6. Oh, she is stunning, Lauren! There's something different here, your girl looks beautiful in dark. :)

  7. Hi Lauren..
    I love your beautiful creations.. I'll come back for more.
    Thanks for sharing your artistic flair with the world :)