Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Here is my new painting based on my Sunday Sketch, "Metamorphosis". I want to thank Lenora and her talented children over at Lenorita for the name suggestion! I felt like it came close to what I was trying to express with this. I really appreciate all of the title suggestions and interpretations of my sketch, they were all lovely and very helpful! That is one thing I really need to work on, actually articulating the ideas that pop into my head :)

Recently I have been really drawn to doing what I am calling "Surrealist Lite" :) I have been drawn to Surrealist art ever since studying it in college. However, in my own artwork I am not into doing the sometimes dark, more extreme aspects, if that makes sense! Just sort of a lighter, fun version that adds a bit of mystery and magic to the piece, hopefully :)

She is painted on a 5"x7" stretched canvas with acrylics and is available in my shop.

I also thought I would show you how good Jasmine is looking :) If you haven't seen my previous posts about her, she was a cat in our neighborhood who was abandoned and was starving to death. We took her in about a month ago. She went to the vet on Monday and she has gained 2 pounds :) She is up to 7 pounds now. She got her thyroid checked, and it turns out that we can decrease her medicine a bit. She is doing great and seems like a happy camper! :)

Don't forget to enter my giveaway here if you haven't already--I am going to draw a name this Saturday!

Have a great Wednesday! :)


  1. Love this piece! It has your sweet style with a nice edginess. Your interpretation of surreal is really unique. Go Fair Rosamund!
    Jasmine is such a sweetie, hope she keeps improving :)

  2. That is truly the perfect name for the piece. It's very fitting. Jasmine looks AMAZING. She looks like such a sweet kitty, and she seems right at home on that comfy bed! :) Theresa

  3. Your painting turned out beautifully. I am so happy to hear tat Jasmine is doing so well, amazing what love can do.

  4. I'm so glad to see how content Jasmine looks....on her way to living the rest of her days healthy and happy in your home and heart :)

    This painting turned out quite nice! I love the colors you chose!

  5. So I think I have found a kindred spirit! Well, Lauren... I've always loved Surrealism too, although I find it more 'comfortable' to be on the less extreme side. Your paintings are becoming more defined and thought provoking. I like how the faces seem to 'speak out' more.

    Simply stunning, this one! ♥♥

    PS: Jasmine looks good!!

  6. Beautiful post..gorgeous art..magical! And what a sweet kitty..lovely little soul!

  7. Lovely painting - your art is maturing and evolving! So cool that you used our name!! Love that! And thanks for the link! Jasmine too is evolving, like someone else mentioned - the power of love

  8. Very lovely painting, and I think the title suits it perfectly!

    I am so glad that Jasmine found people who would love her. She is adorable! there's nothing like kitty company :-)