Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My little painting class!

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend! I had a very fun day yesterday teaching a little painting class to my mom (left) and her friend from work, Tonya (right). My mom has quite a bit of experience doing mixed-media artwork and decorative folk art painting, and Tonya has been getting into doing mixed-media work as well. However, they both wanted to give faces a try in order to incorporate them into their art. I told them to come on over and I would show them my technique! Not that I am an expert by any means, but I could at least show them how I paint my girls :)

We started out by drawing the faces step by step.

They wanted their girls to have long, flowing hair, so we drew that in next.

Then we started painting! I showed them how I shade my faces.

Once we finished up the faces, we got started on the hair! (Sorry if some steps are missing, we were having so much fun that sometimes I forgot to take photos :)

First we "blocked in" the hair color we wanted to use.

Then we added some highlights!

Next we got started on the dresses. We decided to make our paintings fall-themed, and so picked out our own colors accordingly.

Here are the dresses! I think everyone picked out some really great colors :)

We decided that we had to add some little witch hats too! Then we picked out our background colors and got started on them.

Here we all are working hard to get them finished up.

As the final touch, we added some clouds, a moon and stars.

Yay, we're all done!! :)

They did such a great job, I can't wait to see what they will come up with on their own now! We may do another little class again soon for fun :) I also wanted to show you this amazing mixed-media piece that my mom and Tonya made. They brought it over to show me:

Isn't it amazing?? It looks like something straight out of Somerset Studio. I had a hard time giving it back after photographing it, he he :)
Thank you mom and Tonya for a fun day of painting! I hope that everyone is having a great day, I'll see you soon :)


  1. i love your class! i wish i was there!!!

  2. Your class looks like so much fun! It's really interesting to see how you work too, everyone's final outcome looks really great!

  3. Oh wow! They all turned out great. You looked like you were having a lovely time :-)

  4. What a fun class!I love seeing your work come to life! Looks like you all had FUN!

  5. I really enjoyed following along with you, it is always interesting to see how others approach their work. I just have to give one of these big eye girls a try.

  6. Oh this is just fabulous! Maybe you should offer a web class! You did a wonderful job teaching. :) And the piece your mom and friend created is so beautiful. It DOES look like it stepped off the pages of Somerset Studio! Theresa

  7. I wish I was there! How fun that looked! It is always so nice to get together with other crafty Ladies and have a day to play and create...thanks for letting us "sit in" :-)

  8. ~i know...i want to come play too...they did a fabulous job and lucjy were they to receive such a wonderful teacher!! there is something awaiting for you on my blog...when you have a moment please do stop over for a visit...wishing you well and blessings upon you always~


  9. Loved watching the step by step and they all turned out so uniquely beautiful! All of your latest fall paintings are adorable too!

  10. that looks like a perfectly wonderful day and class! They all turned out so wonderful. you taught them a lot of skills!

  11. Fun! Each piece is beautiful. You must be a great teacher. Love to see folks share their skills, awesome :)

  12. What a lovely, happy post - your painting class looks like it was loads of fun, and the results are brilliant.

  13. Your class is amazing and is very nice seeing all the creative steps of drawing the little ladies. Both your mom and her friend have great painting skills and their girls are beautifull!!
    I'm waiting to see your next art lesson.

  14. Such a lovely post,thank you for sharing!

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